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    Green Operations Guide: Integrating LEED Into Commercial Property Management
    Edition: 2010
    / user per year

Content Description

Second in the series of LEED Integration Guides, the Green Operations Guide: Integrating LEED into Commercial Property Management was developed to assist multi-tenant office owners and managers, as well as their service providers, in reducing the environmental impact associated with commercial real estate operations by articulating the business case for sustainable asset management and providing practical guidance on ways to reduce and measure energy, waste, water, etc. This guide also includes sample policies, practices and examples, as well as an online repository of usable worksheets and checklists for LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance certification submittals within LEED Online. Tools - Sample Building Exterior and Hardscape Management Plan - Sample Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy - Sample Solid Waste Management Policy - Sample Green Cleaning Policy - Sample Building Automation System Maintenance Plan - Sample Economic Assessment Policy for Indoor Plumbing Fixture Efficiency - Sample Environmental Tobacco Smoke Policy - Sample Indoor Integrated Pest Management Plan - Sample Integrated Pest Management Erosion Control and Landscape Management Plan - Sample Refrigerant Management Plan - Sample Water Fixture Survey

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