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Services: Architecture, Engineering and Construction
Employees: 7,900
Offices: 179
ENR Top Design Firms Rank: #13

See how HDR uses MADCAD


Services: Architecture, Interiors and Urban Design
Employees: 1,600
Offices: 20
ENR Top Design Firms Rank: #40

See how Perkins+Will uses MADCAD


Services: Commercial Construction
Employees: 1,700
Offices: 9
ENR Top Design Firms Rank: #18

See how McCarthy uses MADCAD

In this era of fast-food and mass production, it's refreshing to see a group like MADCAD so willing to respond to our special requests."
"Time and effort to trace these documents down and provide access across the enterprise are tremendously reduced, saving us money - a great ROI"
"Providing 23 offices with individualized code and reference libraries was difficult enough but maintaining and updating the material was nearly impossible. We took a chance and tried a new concept. I would strongly recommend MADCAD to anyone."
"The reason we've been subscribing to the eLibrary for years is its user friendly interface. Moreover, the staff at MADCAD provide prompt attention to inquiries and offer great customer service."
"Our experience with MADCAD over these five years have been a great success... As the saying goes,'Once you've tried it, you wonder how you ever did without it."
"By tailoring its MADCAD subscription to the needs of the firm, Perkins+Will gives every staff member access to the majority of codes needed for most projects."
"For our students, the simple, straightforward interface works extremely well. It allows them to find the codebook they want, then allows them to drill down to the exact specification they need quickly and easily."
" was selected after extensive review of available providers, for ease of use and extensive reference material."
"Online access to both historic and the most up-to-date codes and standards helps our engineers, superintendents and managers provide our clients with Quality without Question."