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What makes unique?

One interconnected database.
Content from multiple SDOs in one place.

We convert static content into a machine- readable, structured, and uniform format.

Then we put all the books into one database and connect them together, allowing you to search through resources from multiple content providers at once, rather than document by document.


No downloads.
No installations.


All content is provided on's cloud-based resource library, which means you'll never need to download or install a thing.

Access content from anywhere - at home, the office or even at the project site!

Advanced search & filter tools.
Find information quickly.


Advanced search tools allow you to search through information from all content providers in under a second.


Turn filters on and off to narrow down search results by edition, content provider, keyword and title.

See matches

Quickly see the number of matches in each book, sorted by relevancy, to help guide you in your search.

Navigate through
content effortlessly.


Highlighted search results help you find what you're looking for.


Links within the text take you directly to referenced sections, figures and tables.

PageView vs Hypertext formats.
Choose how you want to view content.

MADCAD PageView Format

Content is displayed in the same format as hard copy versions, making it easy to compare notes with others using hard copy formats.


MADCAD Hypertext Format

All content is converted into a standardized format that is ideal for fast loading and searching speeds on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Copy & paste all tables, images and text into an editable form.

Unique features.
Research & share information efficiently.

No Downloads

No PDFs. No installations.
Never download a thing!

Advanced Search

Search through more than 50,000 reference books in less than a second.

Advanced Filters

Use filters to narrow down results.


Search results are highlighted within documents.


Links take you straight to referenced sections.

Automatic Updates

Stay up to date with automatically updated errata.

Mobile Access

Access MADCAD from any smart phone or tablet.

Flexible Subscriptions

Add more content or users to your account instantly.

Enterprise-wide Access

Share subscription access with employees in any location.

Usage Analytics

Check usage stats and adjust your subscription accordingly.

Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste sections of books into your reports.*


Print sections of book as you need them.*

* Depending on the SDO, these capabilities may vary slightly.
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