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  • TMS
    TMS 302-18: Standard Method for Determining Sound Transmission Ratings for Masonry Assemblies
    Edition: 2018
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Content Description

This Standard provides minimum requirements for rating masonry walls for sound transmission class (STC) and outdoor-indoor transmission class (OITC) based on testing calibrated calculation procedures. Topics covered include reference standards, definitions and notations, materials, construction, and methods to STC and OITC rating for concrete masonry and clay masonry assemblies. The Standard is written as a legal document in mandatory language so that it may form a part of a legally adopted building code. The Commentary presents background details, committee considerations, and research data used to develop the Standard. Separate equations for clay and concrete masonry walls are used to reflect the varying properties of these materials related to sound transmission. This standard is adopted by reference in the 2021 International Building Code.

About TMS

 Formed in 1977, The Masonry Society (TMS) is an educational, scientific, and technical society dedicated to the advancement of scientific, engineering, architectural, and construction knowledge of masonry. The Society is a not-for-profit, membership driven organization that gathers, correlates, and disseminates information for the improvement of the design, construction, manufacture, use, and maintenance of masonry products and structures. As part of these efforts, TMS develops standards, guides, and other resources, educates through seminars, workshops, conferences, and collaborates with the construction industry, design profession and other leaders desiring to see a better and more resilient built environment.