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    Information Technology Systems Installation Methods Manual (ITSIMM), 8th Edition
    Edition: 2022
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Content Description

The ITSIMM 8th edition is the BICSI installer’s cabling pathway to success in the quickly evolving ICT industry! The manual is packed with current cabling information that is sure to help installers and technicians perform at the top of their game. The ITSIMM 8th is comprised of 11 updated chapters ranging from structured cabling systems to retrofits and upgrades, with all updated ICT cabling information within its 1072 pages. Significant changes have been made to the 8th edition including: Optical fiber and copper cable media types to include current Category/Class designations for copper cable and OM/OS designations for optical fiber cable. Information related to premise passive optical networks (PONs) and centralized optical fiber cabling. Tables and information related to conduit fill requirements based on current applicable codes. Information related to installations involving utility columns and microduct. Information specific to data center installations. Information concerning project management, including obtaining applicable information and documents prior to beginning an installation project, conducting site surveys, required project documentation, project meetings, and material handling and storage. Information related to applications such as voice over internet protocol (VoIP), and unified communications, and modular plug terminated link (MPTL) implementation. Information related to specialty system installation, such as building management systems (BMs), electronic safety and security systems (ESS) and wireless systems. Information and procedures for developing job plans and conducting site surveys based on industry best practices, additional information on requirements for coordination with other trades and disciplines. Information on cutover procedures. Information on safety considerations, including additional information on personal protective equipment (PPE), typical safety hazards present on a work site, and safety planning procedures. Information concerning retrofits and upgrades, including current ICT technologies and applications. Inclusion of first-ever ITSIMM color photographs and graphics to illustrate installation components, procedures, and methodologies applicable to ICT installation activities. Added information regarding compliance with physically challenged person access and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Added information on professionalism topics, including ethics, conduct, licensing and certification, appearance, and communication skills. General updates to reflect current applicable codes, standards and industry best practices. Updated Appendix A information concerning project specifications per the current version of CSI MasterFormat® organization. Inclusion of a new Installation-specific glossary, symbols, and acronyms/abbreviation listings. The ITSIMM, 8th edition, is comprised of 11 chapters, three appendices, a detailed and comprehensive glossary and chapter-specific bibliography: Principles of Transmission Structured Cabling Systems General Safety Practices Space Preparation and Cabling Support Systems Cable Installation Testing Cable and Troubleshooting Firestopping Practices Bonding and Grounding (Earthing) and Electrical Protection Specialty Systems Installation Project Management Retrofits and Upgrades Appendices Codes, Standards, Regulations and Organizations Legal Considerations Project Documentation Examples Who Should Purchase? Cabling installers and their employers Students of BICSI installation courses Those working to achieve any of the BICSI Installer or Technician credentials


 BICSI is a professional association supporting the advancement of the information and communications technology (ICT) profession and currently serves more than 26,000 members and credential holders. BICSI is the preeminent resource for the Connected World. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, USA, BICSI membership spans nearly 100 countries.