Michigan State
Codes & Essential Referenced Standards.

Now available in a searchable, online library.

As of September 2014,
all local jurisdictions in Michigan
must have reasonable access to standards.

This includes access to the Michigan Codes, as well as the referenced standards listed in in the codes each individual local jursidiction enforces.*

Reasonable access means that plan reviewers and inspectors of the enforcing agency must have practical access to the standards to properly enforce the code. It is suggested that hardcopy books be within 100 miles of the local jurisdiction.

*According to Stille-Derossett-Hale Single State Construction Code Act, 1972 PA 230 and Section 8b(6) of 1972 PA 230.

Michigan Local ICC Chapter Board Members:

We've created an enrollment form which you can customize with your Chapter's information. Send it to your jurisdictions, collect the proper information, and MADCAD will provide a quote based on your Chapter's needs.


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Challenges to compliance.
Building a hardcopy library is costly and inefficient.

Build a hardcopy library

Building a hardcopy version of our proposed package would cost around $10,000 for one set in one location, and only one person would be able to access a book at a time.

Share a hardcopy library

Sharing a hardcopy library with other jurisdictions would cut costs, but would require time and money to travel in order to view books.

Gain access elsewhere

Gaining access to a university or professional library would cut costs, but requires dependence on another entity.

An intelligent, online option.

Rather than buy hardcopies, jurisdictions can save costs by grouping together and sharing an online library. All authorized users will have access to all codes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With online access comes many other benefits.

Access anywhere

A cloud-based library means you can access your library from anywhere - your office, home or the construction field.

Share an account

Lower costs by sharing your account across several jurisdictions.

Multiple users

Any number of users may within authorized jurisdictions may access the library.

Mobile access

Access your library from your smart phone or tablet from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Featured package:
Michigan Essential
Referenced Standards Package

We've created a special collection which includes a total of 224 titles - the most essential referenced standards in the Michigan local codes and standards.

Michigan State Essential Referenced ASHRAE Standards - Commercial & Residential Combo
Michigan State Essential Referenced ASME Standards - Commercial & Residential Combo
Michigan State Essential Referenced ASTM Standards - Commercial & Residential Combo
Michigan State Essential Referenced AWWA Standards - Commercial & Residential Combo
Michigan State Essential Referenced ICC Codes & Standards - Commercial & Residential Combo
Michigan State Essential Referenced NFPA Standards - Commercial & Residential Combo
Michigan State Essential Referenced SMACNA Standards - Commercial & Residential Combo

Share your online, cloud-based library.
Group together with other jurisdictions
to lower costs.

We've created the groups below by analyzing populations and construction costs. Each group has a population of approximately 300,000, with the exception of jursidictions shaded blue, which have populations above 300,000. We've created two MADCAD.com packages designed to fit these groups, with examples detailed below.

Option 1: For jurisdiction groups of approximately 300,000

Example: Group 2 has a population of 311,000* with construction costs of $153,000,000**. This group includes 160 jurisdictions within 12 counties: Alcona County, Alpena County, Antrim County, Charlevoix County, Crawford County, Cheboygan County, Emmet County, Kalkaska County, Montmorency County, Oscoda County, Otsego County and Presque Isle County.

If a single jurisdiction were to buy 1 hardcopy set of standards, the cost would be over $10,000. By sharing online access amongst counties, costs are brought down to $9,000 total for all jurisdictions together.


This package includes 224 codes and standards and allows users from different jurisdictions to share access, with one concurrent user able to access each title at a time. If some titles are used more then others, it is possible to add more concurrent users to specific titles for an additional cost.

Annual subscription price: $9,000

Option 2: For jurisdictions with populations above 300,000

Example: Group 8, Kent County, has a population of 600,000* with construction costs of $242,000,000**.

Due to a higher population and higher rate of growth, there will be more code officials and building permits given, thus we've created a package which includes 224 titles with more than one concurrent user for specific titles.

Annual subscription price: $18,000

* Population figures are based on the 2010 US Census.
** Construction costs for Housing Units Authorized by Building Permits data is based on the 2007 US Census.

Additional benefits.

Flexible Subscriptions

Add more content or users to your account instantly.

Automatic Updates

Stay up to date with automatically updated errata.

Usage Analytics

Check usage stats and adjust your subscription accordingly.

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Search through more than 50,000 reference books in less than a second.

Advanced Filters

Use filters to narrow down results.


Search results are highlighted within documents.


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Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste sections of books into your reports.*


Print sections of book as you need them.*

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