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  • ISEA
    ANSI/ISEA 107-2015: American National Standard for High Visibility Safety Apparel and Accessories
    Edition: 2015
    / user per year

Content Description

This standard specifies performance requirements for high-visibility safety apparel and accessory PPE. For the purpose of this standard, the term “high-visibility safety apparel (HVSA)” shall be used to mean apparel and accessory PPE intended to provide conspicuity to the user in hazardous situations under any light conditions by day and under illumination by vehicle headlights in the dark or other low light conditions. Performance requirements are included for color, retroreflection, and minimum areas of retroreflective and combined-performance materials, as well as the recommended configuration of the materials. Performance requirements are also provided for the color, physical properties, and minimum areas of background materials used in the construction of HVSA and accessories. Test methods are provided in the standard to ensure that a minimum level of visibility is maintained when garments are subjected to ongoing care procedures. These specifications may prescribe a wide variety of occupational HVSA, but shall not be applied to firefighter turnout gear.

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About ISEA

 ISEA is the leading association for personal protective equipment and technologies that enable people to work in hazardous environments, and an ANSI accredited standards developing organization. The association works closely with manufacturers, test labs, subject matter experts, end-users and government agencies in the standards development process. ISEA members-leaders in safety equipment manufacturing, testing and application-are united in the goal of protecting workers worldwide.