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  • FGI
    CEU – Appropriate Room Use—Part 1: Exam, Procedure, and Operating Room
    Edition: 2018
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- Webinar – Appropriate Room Use—Part 1: Exam, Procedure, and Operating Room

Content Description

Appropriate Room Use - Part 1, Exam, Procedure, Operating Room: What’s the Right Decision?

Presenters: Bryan Langlands, AIA, ACHA, EDAC, LEED GA, NBBJ; and David Shapiro, MD, CHC, CHCQM, CHPRM, LHRM, CASC, Red Hills Surgical Center


This is the first of a two-part webinar intended to clarify when to apply the FGI Guidelines requirements for exam, procedure, operating, and imaging rooms. There’s much confusion as to what’s required to support anesthesia equipment in procedure and operating rooms, including when anesthesia is needed and what infrastructure is required when anesthesia is applied by patient type rather than procedure type. As a result, procedures are sometimes performed in spaces that may not support the level of intervention involved. FGI’s 2018 Health Guidelines Revision Committee made a concerted effort to align the definition and application of requirements for the various room types where procedures take place. This realignment was based on the level of invasiveness of the procedure and perceived level of risk to the patient. This webinar will help health care designers determine when a procedure or operating room is required and how to apply new clearances to support anesthesia equipment when it is used in these rooms.

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About FGI

About FGI, the Guidelines, and the HGRC


The Facility Guidelines Institute is a not-for-profit corporation founded to provide leadership and continuity to the Guidelines revision process. The Guidelines for Design and Construction documents are used by states to regulate health care facility design and construction, as code through adoption, as a basis for state written codes, as an adjunct to state codes, or for reference. The Health Guidelines Revision Committee (HGRC) is a multidisciplinary consensus body of clinicians, administrators, architects, engineers, and authorities having jurisdiction that is convened every four years to revise and update the Guidelines documents.


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