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    ASHRAE Design Guide for Low- to Mid-Rise Multifamily Residential Buildings
    Edition: 2020
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Content Description

Best Practices for Designing, Operating, and Owning Multi-Family Buildings Multifamily buildings—commonly referred to as apartment buildings, flats, mixed-use buildings, apartment communities, rowhouses, townhouses, bedsits, condominiums, or lofts—have long been overlooked in the broader industry push for high-performance buildings. In recent years, indoor environmental quality, especially indoor air quality, has become a greater concern for multifamily buildings. ASHRAE Design Guide for Low- to Mid-Rise Multifamily Residential Buildings brings together information from codes, standards, and other guidance to outline best practices to achieve high-performance multifamily residential buildings and improve energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality in the multi-family/residential sector. This guide addresses both dwelling units and common spaces of multifamily buildings, and it focuses on new construction but touches on retrofits and renovations. Topics include the impetus behind designing and building sustainable multifamily buildings, the varying cultural and demographic factors that might influence building design, and the codes that regulate multifamily buildings as well as additional guidance for design teams. The book also includes access to sample design process forms in Microsoft® Excel® format that enable modification by individual users. ASHRAE Design Guide for Low- to Mid-Rise Multifamily Residential Buildings provides practitioners with foundational guidance for improving the energy performance, indoor environmental quality, sustainability, and overall quality of low-rise and mid-rise multifamily projects. The recommendations in this guide may also be useful to building operators and owners seeking better energy performance and indoor environmental quality in their multifamily projects.

Subscription Information ASHRAE subscriptions are annual and access is concurrency based (number of people that can access the subscription at any given time).


Some features of ASHRAE Subscriptions are:


- Floating concurrency model: Set your concurrency level and share your ASHRAE Subscriptions among your offices enterprise-wide.

- Online access: With’ s web based subscription service no downloads or installations are required. Access ASHRAE Standards from any browser on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

- Customized Subscriptions: Select different number of concurrencies based on your needs. Set higher number of seats for more used ASHRAE Subscriptions and lower seats on standards with less need.


- Immediate Access: As soon as the transaction is completed, your ASHRAE Subscription will be ready for access.


For any further information on ASHRAE Subscriptions, please contact us at or +1 800.798.9296.



ASHRAE, founded in 1894, is a building technology society with more than 50,000 members worldwide. The Society and its members focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality and sustainability within the industry. Through research, standards writing, publishing and continuing education, ASHRAE shapes tomorrow’s built environment today.


ASHRAE was formed as the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers by the merger in 1959 of American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHAE) founded in 1894 and The American Society of Refrigerating Engineers (ASRE) founded in 1904.