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  • BHMA
    ANSI/BHMA A156.115 American National Standard For Hardware Preparation In Steel Doors And Steel Frames
    Edition: 2006
    / user per year

Content Description

This Standard was first published by the Door and Hardware Institute in a series of individual A115 standards, which are now combined into single documents for steel and wood doors. ANSI approval was secured under the Canvass Method. BHMA was accredited on 21 March 1983 by ANSI as a sponsor using the Canvass Method.

This Standard covers all significant dimensional attributes for mounting common steel doors and frames. All dimensions shall be as shown on the accompanying drawings. This standard was developed to show only the most commonly used preparations for provide targets for standardization. Where multiple configurations are in common usage, are provided. For other configurations, it is recognized that these standards may be used exceptions, while still providing some degree of basic guidance and standardization.

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About BHMA

Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association is the trade association for North American manufacturers of commercial builders hardware. Since its founding in 1925, BHMA has endeavored to promote the general development and welfare of the builders hardware industry and its member companies. BHMA currently authors 33 ANSI/BHMA standards in the builder’s hardware category, covering everything from hinges to locks to power door. In addition, BHMA is involved in international standards, code and life safety regulations and other activities that specifically impact builders hardware.