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  • ACI
    212.3R-16 Report on Chemical Admixtures for Concrete
    Edition: 2016
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Content Description

This report reviews several categories and types of chemical admixtures and their use in unique concrete technologies. They are classified into 12 groups: air-entraining; normal, mid- and high-range water-reducing; accelerating; set-retarding; extended set-control; workability-retaining; viscosity- and rheology-modifying, shrinkage-reducing and shrinkage-compensating, and corrosion-inhibiting; lithium admixtures to reduce deleterious alkali-silica reaction; permeability-reducing; and miscellaneous. Chemical admixtures are used on a daily basis in the cast-in-place and precast concrete industries. Mixture designs using multiple chemical admixtures are more common today. Their successful use requires compatibility, setting times, and early strengths that are appropriate to the placing environment. Each category of admixture addresses common use and the potential benefits of a properly proportioned concrete mixture to various professionals, including the concrete contractor, concrete producer, and design professional. The sustainability of chemical admixtures and their role in sustainable construction is addressed. Finely divided mineral admixtures, such as fly ash or raw and processed natural pozzolans, are addressed in ACI 232.2R and ACI 232.1R, respectively. Keywords: accelerating; admixture(s); admixture system; air-entraining; alkali-aggregate reaction; batching order; cold weather concrete; corrosion-inhibiting; extended set control; flowing concrete; high-range water-reducing admixture; mid-range water-reducing admixture; permeability-reducing admixtures; pervious concrete; self-consolidating concrete; set-retarding; rheology-modifying; shrinkage-reducing; water-reducing; viscosity-modifying; workability-retaining.

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