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  • ACI
    209.2R-08 Guide for Modeling and Calculating Shrinkage and Creep in Hardened Concrete
    Edition: 2008
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Content Description

This guide is intended for the prediction of shrinkage and creep in compression in hardened concrete. It may be assumed that predictions apply to concrete under tension and shear. It outlines the problems and limitations in developing prediction equations for shrinkage and compressive creep of hardened concrete. It also presents and compares the prediction capabilities of four different numerical methods. The models presented are valid for hardened concrete moist cured for at least 1 day and loaded after curing or later. The models are intended for concretes with mean compressive cylindrical strengths at 28 days within a range of at least 20 to 70 Mpa (3000 to 10,000 psi). This document is addressed to designers who wish to predict shrinkage and creep in concrete without testing. For structures that are sensitive to shrinkage and creep, the accuracy of an individual model’s predictions can be improved and their applicable range expanded if the model is calibrated with test data of the actual concrete to be used in the project. Keywords: creep; drying shrinkage; prediction models; statistical indicators.

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