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  • ACI
    132R-14 Guide for Responsibility in Concrete Construction
    Edition: 2014
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Content Description

The responsibilities of each party in a concrete construction project should be adequately described in the contracts between the parties, including the responsibility for the owner’s project objectives. It is important that the party controlling that process (usually the owner or the owner’s representative) makes certain that the responsibilities of the parties are clear, coordinated, and consistent. Clarity and consistency in the responsibilities defined in the contracts will reduce friction in the execution of a construction project, as well as reduce the incidence of legal disputes. This guide identifies and suggests allocation of responsibilities to various parties involved in concrete construction in the United States; however, the guidance presented may be applicable to contractual relationships addressing concrete construction in other parts of the world. This guide can also be useful in assessing existing contractual documents to determine if they are adequate and balanced with respect to responsibilities associated with concrete construction. In some cases, the responsibilities outlined carry the force of law. In others, there are options that could be incorporated into a particular contract. Keywords: concrete construction; contracts; owner; responsibility.

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