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  • IES
    Illuminating Engineering Society: IES Publications Package
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Content Description

Illuminating Engineering Society: IES Publications Package package includes:
  • IES DG-1-16 Design Guide for Color and Illumination / 2016
  • IES DG-3 Application of Luminaire Symbols on Lighting Design Drawings / 2000
  • ANSI/IES DG-3 Application of Luminaire Symbols on Lighting Design Drawings - Reaffirmed 2015 / 2010
  • IES DG-4 Design Guide for Roadway Lighting Maintenance / 2014
  • IES DG-10 Design Guide for Choosing Light Sources for General Lighting / 2012
  • IES DG-16 Guidelines for Professional Filming or Photographing Works of Art in Museums / 2005
  • IESNA DG-17 Fundamentals of Lighting for Videoconferencing / 2005
  • IES DG-19 Design Guide for Roundabout Lighting / 2008
  • IES DG-20 Stage Lighting - A Guide to the Planning of Theatres and Auditoriums / 2009
  • IES DG-21: Design Guide for Residential Street Lighting / 2015
  • IES DG-22 Design Guide for Sustainable Lighting: An Introduction to the Environmental Impacts of Lighting / 2012
  • IES DG-23 Design Guide for Lighting for Toll Plazas / 2014
  • IES DG-25 Design Guide for Hospitality Lighting / 2017
  • IES DG-26-16 Design Guide for Lighting the Roadway in Work Zones / 2016
  • IES DG-28: Guide for Selection, Installation, Operations and Maintenance of Roadway Lighting Control Systems / 2015
  • IES DG-29 Design Guide for The Commissioning Process Applied to Lighting and Control Systems / 2011
  • IES DG-31-18 Design Guide on Active Core Sunlighting for Buildings / 2018
  • IES G-1-16 Guide for Security Lighting for People, Property, and Critical Infrastructure / 2016
  • IES G-2 Guideline for the Application of General Illumination ("White") Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Technologies / 2010
  • IES LEM-3 IES Guidelines for Upgrading Lighting Systems in Commercial and Institutional Spaces / 2013
  • IES LEM-7 Lighting Controls for Energy Management / 2013
  • IES LM-9-09/R17 Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Fluorescent Lamps / 2009
  • IESNA LM-15 Guide for Reporting General Lighting Equipment Engineering Data for Indoor Luminaires / 2003
  • IES LM-20 IES Approved Method: Photometry of Reflector Type Lamps / 2013
  • IES LM-28 Approved Method: IES Guide for the Selection, Care and Use of Electrical Instruments in the Photometric Laboratory / 2012
  • IES LM-37-16 IES Guide for Determination of Average Luminance (Calculated) for Indoor Luminaires / 2016
  • IES LM-40 Approved Method Life Testing of Fluorescent Lamps / 2010
  • IES LM-40 Approved Method Life Testing of Fluorescent Lamps - Reaffirmed 2017 / 2010
  • IES LM-41 Approved Method for Photometric Testing Of Indoor Fluorescent Luminaires / 2014
  • IES LM-45-15: IES Approved Method for the Electrical and Photometric Measurement of General Service Incandescent Filament Lamps / 2015
  • IES LM-46 IESNA Approved Method for Photometric Testing of Indoor Luminaires Using High Intensity Discharge or Incandescent Filament Lamps / 2004
  • IES LM-47 Approved Method: Life Testing of High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps / 2012
  • IES LM-49 Approved Method: Life Testing of Incandescent Filament Lamps / 2012
  • IES LM-51 Approved Method: The Electrical and Photometric Measurement of High Intensity Discharge Lamps / 2013
  • IES LM-58: IES Approved Method for Spectroradiometric Measurement Methods for Light Sources / 2014
  • IES LM-62: Laboratory or Field Thermal Measurements of Fluorescent Lamps and Ballasts in Luminaires, Reaffirmed 2015 / 2006
  • ANSI/IES LM-63-19 - Approved Method: IES Standard File Format for the Electronic Transfer of Photometric Data and Related Information / 2019
  • IES LM-65: Approved Method for Life Testing of Single-Based Fluorescent Lamps / 2014
  • IES LM-66: Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Single-Based Fluorescent Lamps / 2014
  • IES LM-71: IES Approved Guide: Photometric Measurement of Tunnel Lighting Installations / 2014
  • ANSI/IES LM-73-18 Photometric Testing of Entertainment Lighting Luminaires Using Incandescent Filament Lamps or High Intensity Discharge Lamps / 2018
  • ANSI/IES LM-75-19 - Approved Method: Guide to Goniometer Measurements and Types, and Photometric Coordinate Systems / 2019
  • IES LM-78 Approved Method for Total Luminous Flux Measurement of Lamps Using an Integrating Sphere Photometer / 2017
  • ANSI IES LM-79-19 Approved Method: Optical and Electrical Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products / 2019
  • IES LM-80: IES Approved Method: Measuring Luminous Flux and Color Maintenance of LED Packages, Arrays and Modules / 2015
  • IES LM-82 LED Light Engines and LED Lamps for Electrical and Photometric Properties as a Function of Temperature / 2012
  • IES LM-83 Approved Method: IES Spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA) and Annual Sunlight Exposure (ASE) / 2012
  • IES LM-84 Approved Method: Measuring Luminous Flux and Color Maintenance of LED Lamps, Light Engines, and Luminaires / 2014
  • IES LM-85 Approved Method: Electrical and Photometric Measurements of High-Power LEDs / 2014
  • IES LM-86-15: IES Approved Method: Measuring Luminous Flux and Color Maintenance of Remote Phosphor Components / 2015
  • ANSI/IES LM-88-18 Approved Method: Optical and Electrical Measurements of AC-LED Packages and Arrays or Modules / 2018
  • IES-LightingHandbook-10thEdition: Illuminating Engineering Society - The Lighting Handbook Tenth Edition: Reference and Application / 2011
  • IES RES-2-19 IES Research Report: Lighting for Parking Facilities / 2019
  • ANSI / IES RP-1 American National Standard Practice for Office Lighting / 2012
  • IES RP-2 Recommended Practice for Retail Lighting / 2017
  • ANSI / IESNA RP-3 Lighting for Educational Facilities / 2000
  • IES RP-3 American National Standard Practice on Lighting for Educational Facilities / 2013
  • IES RP-4 Recommended Practice for Library Lighting / 2013
  • IES RP-5 Recommended Practice for Daylighting Buildings / 2013
  • IES RP-6: Sports and Recreational Area Lighting / 2015
  • IES RP-7 Recommended Practice for Lighting Industrial Facilities / 2017
  • ANSI/IES RP-8-14: Roadway Lighting / 2014
  • ANSI/IES RP-8-18 American National Standard Practice for Design and Maintenance of Roadway and Parking Facility Lighting / 2018
  • IES RP-11 Lighting for Interior and Exterior Residential Environments / 2017
  • IES RP-20-14 Lighting for Parking Facilities - Revised 2016 / 2014
  • ANSI / IES RP-22 Tunnel Lighting - Revised 2015 / 2011
  • IES RP-27.1-15: Recommended Practice for Photobiological Safety for Lamps and Lamp Systems –General Requirements (ANSI Approved) / 2015
  • ANSI / IESNA RP-27.2 Recommended Practice for Photobiological Safety for Lamps & Lamp Systems- Measurement Techniques / 2000
  • ANSI/IES RP-27.2 Recommended Practice for Photobiological Safety for Lamps & Lamp Systems- Measurement Techniques - Reaffirmed 2017 / 2000
  • IES RP-27.3 Recommended Practice for Photobiological Safety for Lamps – Risk Group Classification and Labeling / 2017
  • ANSI/IES RP-28-16 Lighting and the Visual Environment for Seniors and the Low Vision Population / 2016
  • IES RP-29-16 Lighting for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities (ANSI Approved) / 2016
  • IES RP-30-17 Recommended Practice for Museum and Art Gallery Lighting / 2017
  • IES RP-31-14 - Recommended Practice for the Economic Analysis of Lighting / 2014
  • IES RP-33-14: Lighting for Exterior Environments / 2014
  • IES RP-36-15: IES/NALMCO Recommended Practice for Lighting Maintenance / 2015
  • IES RP-37-15: Outdoor Lighting for Airport Environments / 2015
  • IES RP-38 Recommended Practice for Lighting Performance for Small to Medium Sized Videoconferencing Rooms / 2017
  • ANSI/IES RP-39-19 Recommended Practice: Off-Roadway Sign Luminance / 2019
  • ANSI/IES RP-40-19 - Recommended Practice: Lighting Port Terminals / 2019
  • IES TM-1 The Five Lighting Metrics / 2012
  • IES TM-10 Addressing Obtrusive Light (Urban Sky Glow and Light Trespass) in Conjunction with Roadway Lighting / 2000
  • IES TM-11 Technical Memorandum on Light Trespass: Research Results and Recommendations / 2000
  • IES TM-12 Spectral Effects of Lighting on Visual Performance at Mesopic Lighting Levels / 2012
  • IES TM-15 Luminaire Classification System for Outdoor Luminaires / 2011
  • IES TM-16 Solid State Lighting Sources and Systems / 2017
  • IES TM-18 Light and Human Health: An Overview of the Impact of Optical Radiation on Visual, Circadian, Neuroendocrine, and Neurobehavioral Responses / 2018
  • IES TM-19-17 Procedure for Presentation and Verification of Roadway Luminaire Photometric Data / 2017
  • ANSI/IES TM-21-19 - Technical Memorandum: Projecting Long Term Lumen, Photon, and Radiant Flux Maintenance of LED Light Sources / 2019
  • IES TM-23 Lighting Control Protocols / 2017
  • IES TM-24 Illuminance for Visually Demanding Tasks within IES Illuminance Categories P through Y Based on Light Source Spectrum / 2013
  • IES TM-25: Ray File Format for the Description of the Emission Property of Light Sources / 2014
  • IES TM-26-15: Methods for Projecting Catastrophic Failure Rate of LED Packages / 2015
  • IES TM-27-14 - Standard Format for the Electronic Transfer of Spectral Data / 2014
  • IES TM-28-14 - Projecting Long-Term Luminous Flux Maintenance of LED Lamps and Luminaries / 2014
  • IES TM-30-18 IES Method for Evaluating Light Source Color Rendition / 2018
  • IES TM-31-17 ES Technical Memorandum on Measurement Uncertainty for Lighting Equipment Calibration Using Integrating Spheres / 2017
  • ANSI/IES TM-32-19 - Technical Memorandum: Lighting Parameters for Building Information Modeling / 2019
  • IES TM-34-19 - Technical Memorandum: Calculation Procedures and Specification Criteria for Lighting Calculations / 2019
  • ANSI/IES TM-35-19 - Technical Memorandum: Projecting Long-Term Chromaticity Coordinate Shift of LED Packages, Arrays, and Modules / 2019
  • IES TM-36-18 Technical Memorandum on the Use of Solid State Lighting in Sports Lighting Applications / 2018

Subscription Information IES subscriptions are annual and access is concurrency based (number of people that can access the subscription at any given time).


Some features of IES Subscriptions are:


- Floating concurrency model: Set your concurrency level and share your IES Subscriptions among your offices enterprise-wide.

- Online access: With’ s web based subscription service no downloads or installations are required. Access IES Standards from any browser on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

- Customized Subscriptions: Select different number of concurrencies based on your needs. Set higher number of seats for more used IES Subscriptions and lower seats on standards with less need.


- Immediate Access: As soon as the transaction is completed, your IES Subscription will be ready for access.


For any further information on IES Subscriptions, please contact us at or +1 800.798.9296.

About IES

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) is the recognized technical authority on illumination. For over 100 years; its objective has been to communicate information on all aspects of good lighting practice to its members, to the lighting community, and to consumers, through a variety of programs, publications, and services.

IES is a forum for the exchange of ideas and information, and a vehicle for its members' professional development and recognition. Through technical committees, with hundreds of qualified individuals from the lighting and user communities, IES correlates research, investigations, and discussions to guide lighting professionals and lay persons via consensus-based lighting recommendations.

The Society publishes nearly 100 varied technical publications, and works cooperatively with related organizations on a variety of programs and in the production of jointly published documents and standards.

Local IES Sections and many lighting corporations offer formal educational programs on lighting, utilizing material developed by IES. Sections offer programs related to specific applications based on IES standards - seminars on sports and recreational lighting, lighting industrial facilities, roadway lighting, museum lighting, to name a few. Virtually every curriculum devoted to lighting - from beginner to advanced - includes IES educational materials.

IES is almost 8,000 members strong. Its members work with lighting in a variety of capacities - lighting designers, architects, interior designers, government & utility personnel, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, distributors, researchers and educators - throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico - and around the world. They share a common interest in lighting, and a common desire to promote the use of the latest, most innovative lighting technologies, with a focus on judicious use of energy in all lighting applications