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    Architectural Graphic Standards, 11th Edition
    Edition: 2007
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Content Description

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Architectural Graphic Standards has a long-standing reputation for high-quality illustrations, text and graphic design. No other book on architecture contains more information presented in a consistent format.  Now access to Architectural Graphic Standards just got easier!  Your trusted, must-have architectural reference is now available online at as annual subscriptions.  Quickly browse and search Architectural Graphic Standards from your browser at your desktop or mobile devices and download 3,000 architectural details in DFX, DGN, and DWG formats when needed.
Content includes:

  • Information on sustainable building design and construction, new structural technologies, building systems and materials, building product selection and specification
  • Emphasis on sustainable construction, including green materials, LEED standards, and recyclability
  • Case studies that have been specifically chosen to illustrate and inspire applications of standards in real-world practice
  • The graphic standard details are available in a CAD-compatible format so users can view, print, or download and modify for use in their own drawings

"Any discipline is lucky to have its bible, a book so embracing and lucid it helps to define and guide a profession or industry for generations. In houses and buildings, the bible is Architectural Graphic Standards...this venerable reference will continue to be not only relevant but remarkably prescient for many buildings to come." (Old-House Journal)

"Architectural Graphic Standards, 11th edition continues a 75-year tradition of offering concise text and descriptive graphics in a basic design handbook for architects." (Fabric Architecture)

"The practice of architectural design is continually changing and this book gives examples of what is considered good practice at this time. I recommend this to everyone doing architectural design; this book is a tool, not a pretty book to leave on the table for visitors to see." (Orange Bytes, North Orange County Computer Club)

"Architectural Graphic Standards--more a professional handbook than a guide to graphic conventions--represents the most ambitious revision and overhaul in the publication's history." (Library Journal)
"This year sees the publication of a new, improved Architectural Graphic Standards. Since Ramsey and Sleeper's last edition in 1956, the book has grown with rapidly evolving technologies, and the sporadic publishing pace of its early years has kept pace with the changes. The profession is evolving at an ever-greater pace, but Architectural Graphic Standards is keeping up its role as the franchise player." (Architect Magazine)

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