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  • NFPA
    NFPA 88A: Standard for Parking Structures
    Edition: 2007
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Description of NFPA 88A 2007


Protect against fires in parking garages with NFPA 88A!

NFPA 88A covers the construction and protection of, as well as the control of hazards in, open and enclosed parking structures. The Standard does not apply to garages that are part of one- and two-family dwellings.

The 2007 edition includes:

  • A new definition of "Open Parking Structure" along with new Opening Requirements
  • A revised definition of "noncombustible" that is consistent with the definition in NFPA 220
  • New definitions that were added to recognize the emergence of "Mechanical Parking Structures" where cars are moved to parking places by lifts or other devices instead of being driven. No specific requirements were added.
  • Clarification of the use of vehicle ramps

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