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  • NFPA
    NFPA 69: Standard on Explosion Prevention Systems
    Edition: 2008
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Description of NFPA 69 2008

Head off explosions with the field's best guidance as defined in the 2008 NFPA 69.

NFPA 69 applies to the systems and equipment used for the prevention of explosions by the prevention or control of deflagrations.

The 2008 edition incorporates the following changes:

  • Added and updated definitions essential to characterizing deflagration hazards. All definitions were reviewed to be consistent with other NFPA® documents.
  • Two new chapters have been added to incorporate a performance-based approach for compliance, in addition to the more traditional specification-based option.
  • The concept of safety integrity levels (SIL) for safety instrumented systems was added to the standard to address aspects of system reliability.

Chapters on Detection and Ignition Control and Suppression were updated and expanded. Requirements for explosion prevention control by isolation were expanded in two chapters – one on passive isolation techniques and another on active techniques. A new chapter on passive suppression using expanded metal mesh or polymer foam has also been added.

A new chapter on Installation, Inspection and Maintenance consolidates all relevant requirements in one place.

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