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  • CA
    California Electrical Code, Title 24, Part 3 (W/ ERRATA & SUPPLEMENT)
    Edition: 2013
    / user per year

Content Description

Part 3 of Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, the 2013 California Electrical Code contains the electrical building standards of state adopting agencies. Part 3 includes the full text of the 2011 National Electrical Code, with all California additions, changes and deletions clearly shown so that you can quickly find the California amendments that have been added, deleted or changed. Changes in this 2013 edition deal with regulations with buildings or other structures supplied by a feeder(s) or branch circuit(s), conductors for general wiring, pull and junction boxes, conduit bodies, and hand holes. Also there are changes on enclosures for use on systems over 600 volts, multi-outlet assembly installations, and outdoor overhead conductors over 600 volts. New additions in this California Code are requirements on small wind electric systems - including circuit requirements, disconnecting means, wiring methods, grounding marking, as well as connections to other circuits, storage batteries, and systems over 600 volts. New requirements have been added for optional standby electrical systems. Requirements have also been added to premises-powered broadband communications systems - including cables outside and entering buildings, protection, and grounding methods.Then there are new requirements on conductor stranding and much, much more. The 2013 California Electrical Code is updated every three years in conjunction with the California Code of Regulations, Title 24. These regulations, or standards, implement the State\'s statutes and have the same force of law.

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About CA

California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 24, also known as the California Building Standards Code, is a compilation of three types of building criteria from three different origins:

  • Building standards that have been adopted by state agencies without change from building standards contained in national model codes;
  • Building standards that have been adopted and adapted from the national model code standards to meet California conditions; and
  • Building standards, authorized by the California legislature, that constitute extensive additions not covered by the model codes that have been adopted to address particular California concerns

Notwithstanding, the national model code standards adopted into Title 24 apply to all occupancies in California except for modifications adopted by state agencies and local governing bodies. To learn more go to Guide to Title 24.